Guide to Google Reviews: Strategies for Generating Online Reviews

Step-by-step guide on what to do to boost your reviews and why Google reviews can drive more business to your company.

Google Reviews hold significance for small businesses across various industries, such as auto, healthcare, retail, med spa, jewelry, HVAC, and more. About 97% of individuals rely on online searches to gather information about local companies or services, with reviews often being the initial point of contact.

Potential customers seek detailed, firsthand insights from trusted online peers to aid their decision-making process and gain knowledge about the customer experience. Therefore, cultivating positive reviews is essential for generating leads, increasing sales, and boosting overall revenue.

The encouraging news is that acquiring more high-quality Google Reviews is not a daunting task. In fact, there are numerous strategies you can implement to garner more reviews and effectively manage them, enhancing your business's online reputation.

Securing Google Reviews: A Step-by-Step Guide

Gathering Google Reviews from customers who have encountered your product or service is a cost-free and straightforward method to showcase customer feedback on Google—particularly on your Google Business Profile or Google Maps.

Consider Google Reviews as contemporary word-of-mouth marketing, offering social proof and impacting purchasing choices. Publicly, these reviews show up as comments and five-star ratings on the search engine results page (SERP) for specific queries.

Some advantages of having reviews include:

  • Improve your online reputation and build Social Proof

  • Improve local search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Position your company higher against your local competitors

  • Start more conversations with prospects

Now, let's go over the five steps you should follow to increase the number of Google Reviews for your business.

1. Confirm your business and assert ownership of your Google Business Profile.

Confirming ownership of your brand is crucial for engaging with customer reviews.

The initial step involves claiming your Google business listing, enabling you to update information and distinguish your business from competitors. Utilize Google Business Profile, a tool that allows you to control your company's appearance across various Google products. (Formerly known as Google My Business or GMB.)

There are several methods to accomplish this:

  • Add your business via Google Maps.

  • Add your business through Search Console when you connect your site.

  • Add your business through your Google account.

Here's a breakdown of how you can verify your business through your Google account:

  • Access your Google account.

  • Navigate to Google Business Profile.

  • Select the business you want to verify.

  • Choose the verification method that suits you (options may include mail, phone, or email).

  • Follow the provided instructions to complete the verification process.

2. Enhance your Google Business Profile for maximum effectiveness.

Now that you have the capability to modify your listing, invest the effort to ensure it's appealing and packed with pertinent information that will capture the attention of searchers. At the very least, strive to accomplish the following:

Incorporate pertinent details about your business.

Now that you have the capability to modify your listing, invest the effort to ensure it's appealing and packed with pertinent information that will capture the attention of searchers. At the very least, strive to accomplish the following:When crafting your business description, include all relevant information that customers may find useful. While incorporating keywords is acceptable, avoid using this field as an opportunity to excessively insert keywords. Google often perceives keyword stuffing as spam, potentially leading to a decline in your local search ranking.

Ensure that your business hours are current and accurate.

When customers search for your business on Google, one crucial piece of information they seek is whether you are currently open. Therefore, it's essential to regularly update your hours of operation whenever there's a change. Additionally, include any variations, such as special holiday hours, to provide comprehensive and accurate information.

Submit photos in high resolution.

A common oversight by many businesses is the failure to upload a sufficient number of photos to distinguish their listing from competitors. Images on your Google Business Profile play a crucial role in conveying a visual narrative about the business, enhancing engagement with online searchers. According to Google, listings with photos receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks through to the business's website.

3. Encourage customers to provide Google Reviews and ratings.

Increasing the number of reviews is not a challenging task. it simply involves requesting them from your customers. You can ask for reviews in person or through text.

Regardless of the communication channel you choose, consider the following:

Clarify the significance of your customer's opinion.

Collaboration is more likely when people comprehend the reasons behind your request for assistance. Inform your customers that their feedback holds significance for you and that you utilize it to enhance your business.

Select the optimal timing.

Identify the appropriate time to invite your customers to share a review. Typically, a downtime in the sales process is opportune. For instance, in the auto industry, a suitable moment might be after the sale has concluded, and the customer is waiting in the finance department. Since they're already seated, it's a convenient time to request a review and guide them through the process.

Establish clear expectations.

Communicate to your customers the specific actions you'd like them to take. Clearly outline the process: How will they receive the invitation to provide a review? When can they expect the invitation to rate your product or service? Specify the channel they should be attentive to.

4. Express gratitude to your customers for taking the time to leave a review.

Expressing gratitude is essential. Depending on the procedure, you can do it beforehand or after your customer has posted the review on Google. Regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative, responding assertively and promptly to reviews is a commendable practice—and including a sincere "Thank you!" is a crucial aspect of it.

Whenever feasible, provide a specific and personalized response. Address the individual by name or make reference to a particular aspect of their review that resonated with you.

5. Check in if the review hasn't been received,

If a customer doesn't respond to your initial invitation, no problem. You can send a gentle reminder through your communication channels.

As an illustration, a concise text message activated by your automated system. Pro tip: always strive to strike a balance between automation and personalization to preserve the human connection.

Advantages of Increasing Google Reviews

1. Enhanced visibility and local SEO result from Google Reviews and ratings.

Reviews influence the first factor by signaling to crawlers that a business is pertinent to the searcher. According to Google, they also meticulously assess a business's review recency, frequency, quality, and quantity when determining rankings.

Securing consistent Google Reviews stands out as one of the quickest and crucial methods to enhance local SEO and amplify your visibility. While traditional SEO endeavors, such as keyword research and blogging, prove effective, the results may take months or even years to manifest. With effective implementation, Google Reviews can emerge as one of your most potent marketing strategies, elevating your rankings and securing a place on Google Maps.

2. Brand trust is elevated significantly through Google Reviews.

Brand trust is elevated through Google Reviews.

Transparency is increasingly crucial for consumers, with 86% stating its heightened importance, and 94% expressing a greater likelihood of loyalty to a transparent brand. This growing emphasis on transparency can largely be attributed to the easy accessibility of comprehensive information about any business. Before engaging with a brand, customers typically conduct online research, with a significant portion of them focusing on reviews.

Positive reviews play a pivotal role in significantly enhancing customer trust in a local business. The way businesses handle reviews, both positive and negative, also has a substantial impact on customer trust. A staggering 89% of consumers read business responses, and 56% admit that a business's responses have influenced their perspective on the brand.

3. Google Reviews establish a valuable feedback cycle.

One of the major benefits of Google reviews lies in the feedback loop and customer intelligence that can be harnessed. Each Google review you gather can function as a response in a customer survey. Typically, every Google review provides a handful of key insights:

  • Determining if you provided a positive customer experience

  • Identifying areas of excellence or shortcomings

  • Pinpointing areas for improvement

  • Reviewing both positive and negative Google reviews provides insights into your strengths and areas that need enhancement.

4. Google Reviews enhance the click-through rate to your website.

Every business recognizes the crucial importance of enticing customers to click on their website when it appears in a search. Regardless of the time and money invested in enhancing your SEO strategy, if people aren't clicking on your site, all the effort becomes futile. Fortunately, Google Reviews contribute to an increased click-through rate for a business's website. With more clicks, the site ascends in Google's rankings.

5. Revenue sees a boost with the help of Google Reviews.

By directly optimizing various factors such as visibility, SEO, feedback, and trust, Google Reviews contribute to an increase in the revenue generated by businesses. They play a direct role in shaping purchasing decisions and influencing how customers discover and select businesses to make purchases from. Moreover, given that the methods of collecting Google Reviews are considerably more cost-effective compared to other marketing forms, implementing a Google Reviews strategy stands out as one of the most economical campaigns at your disposal.

Optimize the efficiency of your entire business.

Surpass your competitors and emerge as the top-rated business in your region.


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